Whether you are a user or a developer, TaskBuilder Framework is the application base from which to realize your projects. Task Builder Framework is naturally prepared to cooperation, process management and reporting, completing the picture of Mago4 suite with components dedicated to security and document management - from basic to advanced -, and much more. To know all the characteristics of TaskBuilder Framework, please visit the Features section of this site.

Advanced Tools. You have all the tools you need to create your business projects.

Powerful reporting engine. You easily query the database of your solution.

High levels of security. Protect and track your business data according to the different profiling level that meets your needs.

Effective document management. Archive the outcome of your production flows in an efficient and easy-to-query repository.

Interconnection. You easily connect together different components of your solution, using standard protocols (XML and REST).

Web Native. To work anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Expandability. You have a solid support to help your company grow, by implementing new features.

Flexibility. Choose the installation mode that fits you: License on the company server, Cloud, PAAS.

Customization. You have all the tools to customize any functional term, according to your needs.

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