TaskBuilder Framework offers you several tools to manage operational resources according to established, solid and deeply secure procedures, optimizing and rationalizing processes and ERP applications.

Discover all the features at your service to improve the flow of information, create and manage reports, easily share information and automate repetitive processes ....

Managing the security of your data: the Security Services of TaskBuilder Framework represent the most simple and immediate way to protect corporate data. With Security Services you manage security, selectively filtering the access to specific product functions, profiling the level of access to the management objects in Mago4 and setting permissions and prohibitions according to freely defined roles.

With an intuitive and flexible graphical interface, a simple, fast and precise setting of permissions, and powerful resources based also on semantics, the Security Services of TaskBuilder Framework are declined according to three different security levels: Light, Standard and Advanced, ensuring safety without compromise.

Monitoring access to the most sensible data: Auditing records the operations performed on the company database, enabling monitoring and tracking of data and user activity. In the context of control and protection of business information, Auditing integrates with a powerful, but not rigid security system, ensuring the level of security you need. The  recordeddata are easily accessible and advanced analysis are possible, too.

Auditing is designed for maximum usability: it is simple to set up in a few clicks, easy to use and interrogate, thanks to specific tools, query and automatic reports.

With DMS (Document Management System) you manage attachments in electronic format for any business document. DMS is designed to provide you with the OCR recognition system - used in image-text conversion, useful for the Full-Text Search and the creation of keywords starting from parts of the document - and massive storage of documents, with adjoining functionality for the reconciliation of paper archive. So you can record your documents and connect to the e-Storage service by Zucchetti.

With Job Scheduler, you program the automatic execution of procedures, inside or outside your ERP, at set date and time. You can also define structured and composed sequences of tasks in order of preferred execution.

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